See the power of breakthrough from the fashion

2019-12-24 10:59

1. As a Japanese brand, Frank's store has been doing a very creative and breakthrough thing since its establishment. It conveys the colorful and cheering of the United States to Japan, and every single product of it conveys the attitude of American life. We can even find the American style single product imitated in the 1980s in the store. It's a thing few people dare to do. It's very difficult to change the attitude of a kind of people's life. But Frank's store has never stopped on this road and has achieved great success so far.

2. Jins Jingzi, a popular fashion glasses brand, has made two breakthroughs in the service provided by itself. The first is the breakthrough in cost performance. It provides high-quality prices at a price acceptable to the public, subverting people's impression that the price of glasses is "good things are willing to be expensive"; secondly, jins Jingzi also provides consumers with immediately available services, In jins, you can buy mirrors in about 30 minutes, which is quite different from the waiting period of traditional glasses stores for a few days or even a week. This service is very convenient for consumers.

The reason why the spirit of breakthrough is advocated by so many people is that it gives us hope and confidence. From Frank's store to jins, one of the most popular eyewear brands, is telling us the importance of breakthrough spirit with its own actions.

As ordinary us, how to achieve self breakthrough? Fashion glasses brand jins Jingzi thinks that everyone has a brave side, it's easy to break through themselves, as long as they try to show their brave side, they can release more possibilities.

For this reason, jins jingzite has cooperated with Frank's store, who also has the spirit of breakthrough, to launch a new type of glasses, hoping to let everyone show their enthusiasm and positive side of life. The significance behind this lies in: even in the face of a haze, we can actively deal with it and break through ourselves to expect the coming of tomorrow.